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Wanaraniya Water Project | CILSFA

Wanaraniya Water Project

Water project's layout

Wanaraniya Water Project was a single woman's vision to fulfill fresh water needs for her village. The village women's organization "Vishaka women's Society" led by Kumari Darmaratne accomplished their mission by providing fresh water needs to Wanaraniya Village located in Rattota, Sri Lanka in year 2001. Since it's inception the Wanaraniya Water Project has been serving daily water needs of 180 families while generating five direct job opportunities. The water project has also paved the way for 18 new women enterprises in this rural village in Sri Lanka. The water project not only supplied water needs of Wanaraniya but also built village women's confidence and courage while gaining respect from all.

A water meter.​​​
A water meter​

The water project developed and maintained by village women that brought recognition locally, nationally, and internationally as a women-centric community development effort is facing a crisis at current juncture due to heavy rain fall, December 2012. At present the entire village is in distress as the retaining wall built in Bambara Kiri Ella - the perennial water source and the causeway pipeline 4 miles (6.5 km) in length being destroyed by rains. The village women are seeking our assistance and support to rebuild their water project. They are reaching to us to regain their confidence and hopes for themselves and their village. This is their story; past and present.

​The Water Project's impact was felt by all corners of Wanaraniya from its inception. The villagers were able to fulfill their water needs just by opening a faucet inside their homes. Convenience brought by water project left village folk in attending to other tasks that were neglected for years and were deprived without pursuing them to better their life conditions. Village life improved in many ways including community sanitation where by 85% of 283 households were able to have better toilet facilities. Enhanced facilities reduce childhood diarrhea and other water born diseases in village. Access to water also brought new income generations especially for village women who began vegetable gardening, brick making, poultry and mushroom production to name a few. 

Water pipe leading to home.
Pipeline carrying water to a single home.​

As the children no longer were assisting with water collection, they had the opportunity to concentrate on their education.

With the confidence built from the water project Kumari and village women ventured into other areas to improve life conditions for their village. Financial assistance received from supporters like you and I enable to conduct non formal English classes for village children. The second hand computers they received as a donation helps village children to enhance their computer knowledge. Women are holding more leadership roles in the village now and they are respected as partners in development rather than mere decision followers. All in all Wanaraniya is growing as a community and developing as a family to attain better prospects for their village's future.

​Today all this is on hold as the village is struggling to reconstruct their destroyed water project. Heavy rains in December 2012 disrupted Wanaraniya village life by ruining retaining wall at Bambara Kiri Ella and causeway pipeline. The damage has crippled village norm and they are seeking our support to rebuild their foundation. Lets assist Wanaraniya village to rebuild their water project.Our awareness and support will make a huge difference in this small village in Sri Lanka.

Wanaraniya Women Profiles

Kumari Darmaratne

Making Wanaraniya her home was a beacon of hope for the entire village. Kumari realizing the importance of having fresh water to each home was a surmountable goal in her mind. Combining her education, work experience, and leadership skills she gathered village women together initiating a water project to provide fresh water needs. Continue...

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